Cunt Wars Hack – how to get unlimited gems and coins

cunt wars hack

Welcome to the Cunt wars Hack

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cunt wars Hack
cunt wars cheat engine

about cunt wars Hack

well cunt wars plot is something like this: Defeat most ugly monsters in amazing turn-based battles and gather the most horny hentai girls on earth, who are ready to please your most intimate and dirty desires. all you have to do is Create the most successful harem in this world and enjoy tons of pure hentai content full uncensored, hot dialogues, amazing illustrations and more twisted characters that will make your imagination go crazy.

to be honest the interaction spins around gathering cards and utilizing them to battle different players. Winning stipends you acclaim indicates and enable development to higher alliances where you battle more grounded adversaries. Each card can be overhauled from various perspectives incorporating direct lift with gold residue, step up, soulbinding and reborning. Subsequent to joining a society you can likewise take an interest in a Turf War smaller than normal amusement against different organizations and get society rewards.

we offer you these amazing cunt wars cheat engine, so you can easily acquire lots of resources in a blink of an eye.

How to get cunt wars gems and coins from this generator

there is no way you will get lost with this generator, there are only a few steps and the generator will tell you the straight way to unlock your gems and coins.

first of all ensure you are typing correctly your username. this is very important so you get correctly your resources.

after entering your username just select the device from where you will execute this cheat engine, and the device where you usually play can be a computer tough.

Shop everything you need with this cunt wars hack.

cunt wars tutorial- how to get unlimited gems and coins

cunt wars Shop
cunt wars Shop

In the shop (also called the bank by lots of people) you can summon brand new cards and buy resources with gems and coins or real cash.

Limited time Offers summons also appear from time to time.

Seasonal summons are summons which you can get all cards in the game.

Resources include gems, gold, and elixir. Gems can be purchased with real money, and gold and elixir can be purchased with gems. Gems and elixir can be purchased at any time. Gold can be purchased upon reaching League 20.

Other shops in the game which use their own special currencies include Journey shop, Dark shop, Pit Shop, and Event shop

How we are able to giveaway this cunt wars hack free gems and coins. ?

For each survey you complete we get paid by our sponsors between 0.50 and 1.73 USD. For the cunt wars hack. We need about 50 people each of you to complete one or more survey , when the raffle progress is completed one of the participants will be mailed with the coins and gems. 

cunt wars cheat engine
cunt wars apk hack

The benefits of this cunt wars cheats

this are the benefits of this cunt wars cheats:

well the main goal of this cunt wars cheat engine is to avoid cracking your android/ iOs in order to play this game unlocked, so the features of this booty farm cheat engine is .

  1. Full 100% online app developed.
  2. no download required.

apart of that you can enjoy plus advantages…

  1. no root android required.
  2. No cunt wars apk mod
  3. 100% secure & Anti ban.

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cunt wars cheat engine
cunt wars cheat engine

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cunt wars coins

All you have to do to get your Free 
Cunt Wars gems and coins is: 1.) Go to the link above 2.) Enter your cunt wars username 3.) Choose your cunt wars gems and coins value 4.) Complete the verification(s) 5.) Values will be submited to you 6.) Enjoy

cunt wars cheat engine
cunt wars apk hack

Does cunt wars cheat engine require root?

Cunt Wars Cheat Engine for Android/ios is one of the best android application for rooted devices which enable you to hack games. Technically, it can work for non rooted devices as well, but as the games are locking the files it needs root access to modify them. You can run Cheat engine apk from the link below.

Cunt wars Unlock all features !

crying becouse you just run out of gems? , yes this really suck! this is what we think :  it is an awesome game but we are always hungry to gain more resources in cunt wars.

first of all you can access this hack in or in the first thing you must remember is your game username !

just remember that running the cunt wars cheat engine without a valid username won’t give the selected resources to your game app so be sure to select properly the username and the resources to generate.

cunt wars cheat engine
cunt wars apk hack

Cunt wars tricks and tips

At the very beginning just avoid evolving cards(this process is when u sacrifice some amount of cards for a smaller amount of a better card)Just go with what it feels like works for you and u will get experience as to what is good by fighting in the arena.

Some general info regarding the game.Every fight is PvAI.In the arena/brawl u fight against real peoples decks played by an AI same with dark tower and if u press on someones profile and chose fight.

Journey attempts refill when you lvl up your rank so keep that in mind to use them before lvling up and journey bosses refresh at 18:00 UTC.Most things refresh at 18:00 UTC .

Another tip for a little bit later is when u want to go into dark tower(it unlocks after u reach L(eague) 17 )u should go to the arena and drop L on purpose by surrendering so its easier for you to win.

Ways to play this cheat engine

The cunt wats cheat is mainly available for desktop browsers and Android /ios devices. You can either play through the official website or through the publisher website. it has the advantage of letting you log in with a centralized account, and makes it easy and secure to get premium resources that can be shared across many other games found on freegplaycodes.

Gem Mine

cunt wars cheat engine produces diamonds for the player. You can collect diamonds from your Gem Mine just once every day, and it creates a static measure of assets, implying that clicking it when it is prepared does not build generation of gems.

Gems Mine should be initiated by acquiring a VIP bundle, and can be redesigned without spending assets up to the comparing VIP rank. When opened, it will keep on creating diamonds regardless of whether VIP membership is terminated.

Uniquely in contrast to Gold Mine (which requires just a particular Rank), Gem Mine will remain bolted until a VIP bundle is purchased

cunt wars gems

The Gem Mine will be incidentally initiated amid a VIP review smaller than normal occasion, yet it will come back to being bolted when the see time frame is finished.

Offer Summons

There are 7 Offers Summons: Archer, Fighters, Valkyries, Heroes, Order, Chaos and Nature. These Offer Summons can come at the same price as Mistresses Summons, 149 gems for one or 1299 gems for 10. usually All Summons expires after 12hrs.


Drop chance for heroes by rarity:

  • Common: 0%
  • Rare: 82%
  • Epic: 16%
  • Legendary: 2% (*)

(*) differently from regular Mistresses, at least one is granted every 2 consecutive instances of 10x summon. Should it not happen, user can contact support specifying time and date of the summon

cunt wars gems cheat


The Archers summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Ranged cards only.

The Fighters summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Melee cards only.

The Valkyries summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Female cards only.

The Heroes summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Male cards only.

The Order summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Order cards only.

The Chaos summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Chaos cards only.

The Nature summon will give Rare, Epic and legendary Nature cards only.


You can always use this cunt wars Cheat Engine and give yourself the gems and coins that you want.  it’s free and very easy to use, just follow the simple tutorial and you will be fine.

cunt wars apk mod
cunt wars apk mod